Mommy Makeover Surgery Overview

Mommy makeover surgery is a combined cosmetic surgery of the breasts and abdomen with a tummy tuck in women. The main aim of mommy makeover surgery is to reinstate the shape and appearance of a body including the breast and abdomen of a woman after the birth of the baby. Several women feel that change in their body after pregnancy. A mommy makeover surgery allows women in achieving a contour […]

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Watch what you eat after abdominoplasty!

That’s right, if you were thinking about avoiding diets and eating everything after your surgery, don’t trust it. You should know that undergoing a tummy tuck requires special care also in your diet. Here are some reasons why you should eat healthily, and we will give you some tips that can help you change your mind. Let’s see them!  Your recovery also depends on your diet. It is necessary to […]

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