Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. How long is my price lock in for?

    A. Your price is secured for 12 months from the date you put down your initial deposit. Your deposit goes toward your surgery total. The price you lock in will be honored for the duration of the contract and cannot be extended under any circumstances.

  2. Q. Does Dolls Plastic Surgery LLC accepts financing?

    A. Yes, the companies are listed on Dolls Plastic Surgery LLC website along with the applications. Please
    inform your coordinator or Dolls Plastic Surgery LLC financing department at least 60 days prior to surgery
    if you will be financing as the total will be Retail Price for this option

  3. Q. Can I reschedule my surgery date?

    A. Yes. You must give a 60 day notice for any rescheduling or cancelation in order to avoid a
    rescheduling/cancelation fee. Fees can be waived if the patient must reschedule/cancel due to a health
    condition with a doctor’s note and explanation You are able to reschedule one time only. Cancelations 60
    days or less with results in a $500 Rescheduling Fee.

  4. Q. Can I make more payments toward my surgery after I paid my deposit?

    A. Yes, you can get in contact with our Financial Department , they will needs a copy of your ID, credit card
    along with a payment authorization form completed. The Financial Department will guide you through the

  5. Q. When do I have to do my blood work for surgery?

    A. 30 days prior to your scheduled surgery date you will start receiving contact from our Medical Clearance
    Department. At 30 Day Mark you must complete EKG, Chest X-ray and any further testing requested from
    our Medical Team. At 30 day Mark you must complete Blood work and Medical Clearance from primary
    care physician. Begin taking Vitamin C, water and Floradix liquid supplement if you are within 60 days of
    your surgery.

  6. Q. How do I get my blood work done?

    A. If you are a local patient, you can come in person Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm and have your blood work
    done at Dolls Plastic Surgery LLC. If you are a patient coming in from out of town/state/country, you will
    receive a lab order via e-mail from our lab department 30 days prior to your scheduled surgery date with
    further instructions depending on the patient’s medical history.

  7. Q. How long after giving birth can a patient have surgery?

    A. Minimum 12 months after natural o cesarean childbirth. A patient cannot be lactating (breast feeding)
    during ANY procedure. Patient must wait until milk has dried to proceed with surgery. Usually 6 months
    before surgery. After any miscarriage or abortion patient needs to wait minimum 8 weeks to schedule
    surgery due to hormone levels.

  8. Q. If traveling from out of town/state/country for my procedure, what should I bring with me?

    A. Pack lightly and only bring useful objects -The checklist is typically sent to you with your contract and

  9. Q. What should I bring with me on my surgery date?

    A. Your photo ID, Credit card/s payment was done with, cell phone, a charger, clean loose fitting long dress
    (2 sizes larger than your size), slippers & a warm clean blanket. Remember, you must have an adult to
    accompany you on surgery day. This can be family, friend or hired caretaker for Dr. Harry: recovery house
    or private nurse.

  10. Q. Can I have nail polish or acrylic nails on for my surgery day?

    A. NO nail polish, NO fake nail, NO gel, NO acrylic, NO nothing. One of the monitors Anesthesia uses is
    placed on your fingers -it is one of the most important monitors at time of surgery as they use to measure
    the patient’s oxygen level. It does this by emitting a light that looks at your nail-beds small blood vessels.
    Nail polish and acrylics blocks the light from hitting the nail bed. Therefore, if the patient has nail polish,
    acrylic or gel and their oxygen levels drops, then the monitor may not be able to accurately detect it.

  11. Q. Can I have eyelashes on my surgery day?

    A. No under any circumstance. Anesthesia will cover your eyes with Medical Tape for safety reasons, for
    such if you have eyelashes they will be ripped out.

  12. Q. Where should I stay during my recovery if I am coming from out of town/state/ country?

    A. If you are alone, you must stay at any recovery house or hire a private nurse to take care of you. If you
    are coming with a guest, you can stay at any nearby hotel or Airbnb. There is a section on Dolls Plastic
    Surgery LLC website that has a list of nearby hotels. Do not make arrangements to stay more than 15
    minutes from Dolls Plastic Surgery LLC as traffic in Miami is bumper to bumper.

  13. Q. How many days do I need to stay in Miami before surgery?

    A. The patient must arrive 1 day prior to surgery 10am-1pm, no exceptions. If your surgery is on a Monday
    you must be in Miami on Saturday morning by 9 am for your Pre Operative appointment (no exceptions).

  14. Q. How many days do I need to be in Miami after surgery?

    A. You must be in Miami minimum 7 -10 days, please ask your Surgical Coordinator how many days exactly
    depending on your surgery, but not less than 7 days.

  15. Q. Will I have drains after my surgery?

    A. Only for a Tummy Tuck or Reconstructive Surgery. You will have “Jackson-Pratt” drains to help drain
    fluid between 7-14 days. You will receive a separate document on how to easily care for the drain during
    your recovery.

  16. Q. How long do I wear my compression garment or bra after surgery?

    A. Minimum 3 months post op -can be prolonged until 6 months post op -please be advised compression
    is a very important key for results.

  17. Q. Are my prescriptions included? Can I have my prescription before the day of surgery?

    A. Both No. As per federal state law, your prescription for post-op medications will be given to you in
    person only, you may get it filled at any nearby pharmacy. Your insurance may or may not cover your
    medications please contact them directly. IF no insurance price can range from $90-$150.

  18. Q. Will I go hotel, recovery home the same day of my surgery?

    A. Yes. You will be monitored in recovery by a nurse, your surgeon and anesthesiologist until you are feeling
    well enough to be picked up the same day of surgery.

  19. Q. When do I take a shower?

    A. As per your plastic surgeon, you MUST start showers everyday 1 week prior to surgery with HIBICLENS®
    Soap. Patient is allowed to take between 1 to 2 showers after surgery with Hibiclens for the first 2 weeks
    Post Op. You will be lightheaded in the shower the first few days; make sure to have your companion or
    caretaker with you. Wash body as normal with antibacterial soap and room temperature water only. All
    tapes that your surgeon placed on your incisions are waterproof, they can be wet. Do not remove your
    tapes without asking a nurse or doctor. Please make sure to always wear clean clothes and tap dry with a

  20. Q. When can I sit down after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

    A. You may not sit down at all for the first 6 weeks, 6 weeks after surgery you need to place a BBL/ poppy
    pillow under your thighs to prevent your butt from touching the seat. You can purchase this pillow online
    or at Dolls Plastic Surgery LLC in the front desk. Don’t cheat! This rule is very important to maintain your

  21. Q. When can I work out after surgery?

    A. 1 month post op for light cardio and 3 months for weight training or squatting. Please check your own
    progress and recuperation process.

  22. Q. When do my stitches come off? Are they dissolvable?

    A. all procedures have dissolvable stitches.